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RB Education Services

RB Education Services is more than a tutoring service; we help both students and parents through all educational endeavors – preschool through Ph.D.

We believe individuals are not born with a set level of intelligence which predisposes their educational performance. Intelligence and academic skills are built over time through focused, customized, engaged, and feedback-driven instruction.

We know the learning process is not one-way-fits all so we begin by listening to your unique situation and educational needs. This enables us to provide objective feedback, develop personalized options, find methods that fit their unique learning style, and provide you with as much information as possible to help you make the decision that is best for you.

Our personal instructors know how to motivate students, tailor instruction to specific learning styles, and build student self-confidence.

The overarching goal is to help individuals at any age increase their ability to recall the knowledge they have acquired throughout their education so they can achieve their life endeavors. We not only assist with learning subject content, but also help improve study skills, time management, and test anxiety.

We’re confident that our rates are competitive in the industry for what we offer our students and we are proud to be paying our instructors at a level their professionalism merits.

We won’t sacrifice quality to work with more students, so occasionally we may not be able to immediately place a student with a teacher.

However, we continue to focus on building an elite team of professional instructors that is the most impressive, experienced, and accomplished in the industry through careful recruiting and collection of feedback.

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